T.I Calls out 50 Cent on his Birthday! (Even calls Kevin Hart!)

TIP wants all the smoke!

King of the South vs King of New York!

T.I started his Live by wishing 50 a happy birthday, this soon ended and T.I let the listeners know he wants all the smoke! He mentions how 50 has been bullying people for years, and even said he has issues with 50’s catalogue (songs). He said 50 can bring Dre, Eminem, G-Unit (I’m guessing he means features or songs with artists he associated with). He also tells Timbaland and Swiss (Verzus) to wire up the speakers!

In another video T.I is seen calling Kevin Hart. He explains how people from NYC keep visiting ATL for their clubs, but then go home and act like they are bigger than ATL and T.I wants this to stop now! T.I urges Kevin to contact 50 and tell him theres only 2 ways to respond, take the challenge or back out of it. IF 50 backs out T.I will find another opponent.

T.I def wants all the smoke! IF this happens who’s your money on?? 50 or T.I ? ATL or NYC?

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