Amazon release trailer for ‘Tottenham – All Or Nothing’

Step back and think how crazy 2020 has been, Id personally score it 126 out of 10! But even before 2020 decided to mess us all around Spurs were already having one of their weirdest seasons ever.

The stand out moments for me are Poch getting fired, Jose being made manager, Dier fighting a fan/ fans 🤷🏻‍♂️, Ericksen being sold, Harry Kanes injury, and more recently; drawing with Bournemouth after not recording a shot on target.

Ask any spurs fan and they’ll tell you they are Underachieving this season! The good news to come from the above, is whilst all the points I listed above were happening, Amazon were on hand to film the whole thing 😬

As far as I know there has been no release date given for this, yet, but amazon are sharing the trailer, which ends with coming soon.

After loving the Man City Documentary on Amazon I literally cannot wait for this!

I’m also taking bets on whether Jose will still be employed by Spurs at the time the documentary is released. 🤣🙄

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