STARZ release Power Book II: Ghost Teaser and fans are sure Ghost is Alive

So earlier this year, Power finally confirmed Ghost was killed by his son Tariq (after dragging it out for weeks, and also showing us everyone else that didn’t kill him 🙂 ).

As you all know, we saw Ghost fall from the balcony in Truth, and saw him lying in Tommy’s arms, but never saw the body after he was confirmed dead.

Its also been mentioned that Ghost star Omari Hardwick has hinted his character had been planning to fake his death all along and it was only when he met his final love interest, Ramona Garrity, that he decided to carry out his plan. We all know Ghost was keen to leave his old life of drug dealing behind and be legitimate but he was always pulled back by ex-wife Tasha and Tommy – maybe, just maybe with Ramona’s help, he finally found a way to escape.

Another reason fans believe Ghost is still alive, is because he never had a funeral. The above teaser, starts with Tariq and his sister attending a funeral, however could this be a curve ball? The coffin (casket) is closed and really doesn’t give much away. Also the teaser shows 4 Pall bearers, This could also be a clue… 😉

Either way, hopefully all questions will be answered when the series drops on Netflix (UK) this September! feel free to message me your theories 🙂

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