ADN vs Chrxn – 3 sends in – The story so far…

First off, I have no idea how this started, or the reason why, I guess it had something to do with the blonde girl from video 1 (who I think goes by the name Lilith? that’s the name featured) I have her on FB but not baiting out her FB name just incase.

So anyway, I think this girl is Chrxn’s Ex… not sure how she became involved in the ADN camp, but here we are… ADN started the war off, with this….

First time in a while I’ve seen a man get deaded off from some old voice notes, but mandem why are we telling girls they need to watch the note book. After the voice notes the beat kicks in, and sounds insane! First to spit is Lilith (I think) followed by ADN. First time I’ve heard Lilith ‘Thats right I F**ked your producer, and his girl, didn’t have to seduce her’ along with a whole load of what appear to be home truths of a somewhat failed relationship. After ADN’s verse and some footage of ADN and Lilith sharing a bath (fully clothed) we end the video with those wonderful voice notes again.

Next up Chrxn. Slightly different send here, first off – there’s no video. The audio which can be found on facebook can be heard below:

Checkout Chrxn FB page –

Again, this one starts with a phone call from some one who appears to be a relation of ADN, The female can be heard saying ‘I disowned him last year love, he aint my son, ….. its fuck all too do with me,…. ADN, is ADN, …. I haven’t rang no police actually, it was Aidan who rang the police’ . Once again the beat on this is SICKKKKK! This send feels more like an actual track, it has a (somewhat annoying ) Chorus – which seems to be about ADN’s Dog, and seems more structured as opposed to the previous track. The send includes the obvious Fat Jokes, Your Mum jokes, and relationship jokes (ADN’s OnlyFans also gets mentioned). Stand out line – ‘Your what happens if did rappers.’

After that we saw ADN and Lilith return with this….

Slightly different this time, the video starts with ‘Izzy’ being discussed – We find out ‘Izzy’ was bullied out of school for having a big forehead and a fishy fanny, (in send 1 from ADN we hear him say Chrxn has a daughter and GF called Izzy so I’m unsure who this is referring to – Hopefully the GF – lets leave the kids out of this….) – We then see a couple of DM’s from ‘Nic’ talking about doing adult stuff, and not only filming it for only fans, but also sending it to Chrxn. Nic seems keen. Another Dark video here, which then leads to a screen recording of Chrxn and a ‘passed out’ person, talking about object that could be inserted into her mouth and she’d never know – ill leave you guys to pass judgement on that…

The video ends with 24 hours to reply so I guess the clock is ticking….

Overall Id currently score this on at 2-1 to ADN. Originally I was going to say 2-0 due to the fact they were both videos etc, but I feel Chrxn scored points for the phonemail with mumzy. Interested to see what happens next.

What score you guys got?

IG – @DJLee247 🙂

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