Has #ToryLanez been removed from America?

Ever since the Megan Thee Stallion shooting Tory Lanez has been getting hate from all sides of the Internet. It was alleged at the time, Tory got arrested when the police found a weapon in his car. Since this was reported Megan has confirmed she was shot that night. Many people are putting 2 and 2 together and blaming Tory for the shooting.

A petition was started last week to remove Tory from American soil for life. The Change.org petition quickly surpassed its 25,000 signature target, and now it seems the campaign quietly exceeded everyone’s hopes, as rumors are swirling that Lanez is back in Brampton, Ontario. Again nothing official the moment but as soon as a statement is released, we’ll keep you posted.

While the world waits for Megan or Lanez to confirm details of the ongoing investigation, many have drawn their own conclusions, and repercussions are already spinning.

Kehlani has cut Lanez off her album and the deluxe version of her single “Can I,” citing her close ties with Megan. Kehlani said plainly, “I stand with women, believe women, & I love my friends. if that’s something that turns you off from me or makes you no longer support, bless you for real you have no reason to have ever supported me in the first place.. i’m not your cup of tea.”

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