Formless Presents: Newport 2 Cardiff Link Up – Review & Video

So guys, The Track is out! Finally, Ever since Capture Films shot this and started sharing clips we’ve all been waiting for the finished product, and fair play – it doesn’t disappoint! First off – The presentation is SICK! The video is crisp and looks clean (Id probably add Artist names at the start of each verse, but that’s just me… Only reason I say this, is because there’s people on here who I don’t know). In the comments on the video it does have a list of all the artists in order of appearance so ill let that slide….

Anyway, The video is Sick, But the beat is SICKER! Perfect beat for this type of track and works well in showcasing a variety of artist and flows!

First up we have Mr Newport – AKA Livewire. One of the most recognisable artists on the track (for his time in the scene and back catalogue – not appearance 🙂 ) I defo think Livewire’s the right MC to kick off the track, from the first lines to the final word ‘Madness’ Livewire slap’s this one like the right cheek of a stripper on a friday night! Livewire’s my guy! big up bro!

As soon as Livewire finishes , The organiser of the track – Formless – jumps in and catches the beat nicely! Flow sounds nice all the way through, I’m sure I even heard a dog barking Ad-Lib after the under dog line. This verse keeps the hype up from Livewire’s verse and keeps the energy of the track going!

Carson’s up next. I think this is the first time Ive heard him, and again his flow works on the beat. ‘Just cause you been in the game 10 years don’t make you a Vet (Veteran) U pleb’ Curious who this line is aimed at as most people who’ve been in the game for 10 years Id consider a Veteran – thats just me thooo. Aside from this line its Clear Carson has just his verse to let the scene know he’s here. Excited to hear new music from him.

Sammy Joe – Again first time Ive heard Sammy Joe – but my God – the way he starts his verse defo got my attention! (Biddy Bad Boy Biddy Bad Boy…..) RELOAD!!! This verse got me Gassed!! Ive listening to it like 7 times trying to write this up, For me the flow stands out from what we’ve heard so far. Big up!

E why Easy – From the line up, I think E-W-E is probably the one artist we all know (whether in person or on FB), he’s been here for a long time and everyone just knows him. I was looking forward to hearing his verse and from the moment he pulled down his covid mask it was clear this was gonna bang! For me this was the best verse on the track, It wasn’t just another MC spraying about why he’s the best etc (nothing wrong with that, but this was just different) He mentions Covid, Brexit, 5g, Lockdown, Vaccine Shots, BLM, Chip from Microsoft, Liverpool (Jurgen Klopp) plus more. Big verse from a Clever MC!

Moriarty – Another big verse here! don’t think I’ve heard Moriarty spit before, but this was an impressive verse. The beat worked in his favour and sounded sick with his flow. The opening line was FIRE – ‘Test Me, Gwan Grab the mic, and see how fast a sound boy Lose his life’

Cherrie – Someone else Ive known of in the Cardiff scene for a while now! Another Sick verse from the get go – Jumps straight in and keeps the flow going. Line of the verse for me has to be … ‘Formless said come and merk my tune, I said hold my drink, ill be like 3 sec’s’ – Yes Cherrie! This verse will 100% get people for Cherries next releases ‘Ive built foundations from my first song so, they can’t wait to see what’s next….’

Stanza – Someone else who Ive known in the scene for Time! Whether its tunes or war dubs, Stanza always steps up and this song is no different! ‘Top sheller on the Riddim, thats certi’ and from that line Stanza was off! ‘You can’t even purchase the lease to your beats, you aint sitting on Stacks’ Big verse! big up Stanza!

The song ends with a cheer/celebration from all the artists and the video showcases the good vibes! Overall im impressed with this from the graphics, to the sound, to the whole package! it’s sick! well done lads! Keep em coming! big up formless!

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  1. Yooozaaa!! LARGEE UP THE WHOLE GANG ON THIS ONE… its absolute murder, start to finish. Feel blessed for the chance of working along side the this group of artists. Big up formless for the opportunity. Thanks to ADN for the crisp visuals and making all of this possible. Also one last shout out to Liam fry for the big words above 🖐. Give me a massive confidence boost and possibly the push I needed to persue this whole music ting. Real recognise real. Say no more. Sammy Joe is back. Get ready for impact guys!!

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