NBA Game 1 – Results

Game 1 is done! The Lakers got their Rings, then held a big fat L, and we finally saw KD and Kyrie sharing a court in Nets colours.

In the first game of the new season we saw The Golden State Warriors (With Steph Curry back) against The Brooklyn Nets.

Sadly (Knicks Fan) The Nets took this one 125 – 99. KD Finished on 22. Kyrie on 26. Whilst Curry only got 20. The game was won pretty much from the start, The Nets finished the first quarter with a 40-25 lead. The Nets won every quarter apart from the last (26-28), but it was good to see Curry back on the court!

In Game 2, we started off by seeing the Lakers get their Championship rings, They also all wore White/Gold Hooded Jackets which looked FIRE!!

The game finished 109-116 to the Clippers! AD finished on 18, Lebron on 22, both were eclipsed by Kawhi Leonard (who finished on 26 points) and Paul George (who finished on 33 Points!). Defo looking forward to the battle of Los Angeles this season, Whos going to come out on top?

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