Iggy Azalea accuses Playboi Carti of cheating during Pregnancy on day of Album Release.

So for a lot people today is Christmas Day, for others it’s Jesus’ Birthday, for Playboi Carti it’s album release day (Whole Lotta Red out now!) but for Iggy. It’s the day she exploded on Twitter.

As you can see, Iggy started off and seemed slightly upset she didn’t get a visit from Playboi Carti. She then mentions how PBC invited the girl he cheated on to his album release, but didn’t fly home to see his son.

Next Iggy advises she has a lot more to say, but won’t because she knows who the internet will side with. It seems Iggy was triggered by the ‘other woman’s’ stories.

The last tweet exposes the woman’s lack of dignity for hiding in a closet when the house keeper was there. As funny as this sounds we defo need some cctv showing this.

Apart from the obvious I hope Iggy and her son had an amazing Christmas, and PBC – good luck with the album. Merry Christmas all! 🎄

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