Did Dizzee Rascal fire a shot at Bugzy and Chip. Both released new videos today!

So as we all know both videos dropped today at 7pm UK time. Notorious vs Don’t Be Dumb. Both videos have 2 artists on each track.

Shortly after the videos went live Dizzee shared the above post with the caption ‘Name a Better Duo, I’ll wait’

Was this aimed at Bugzy and Chip who also dropped today?

It’s been an hour since both videos went live. Let’s check who’s winning the View race

After one hour Dizzee and Ocean have racked up an impressive 5k views.

Where Bugzy and Chip have a MASSIVE 66k views in the same timescale!!!

Does this answer the better duo answer??

Both videos are amazing and I strongly advise you to check both out!

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