Stephen Bear Shoots His Shot With Kim Kardashian After Divorce Rumours Surface!

First off, before we get into this… You all know I’m Fully on Team Kanye! Mr West is my guy!

But whilst is looks like the whole Kim’Ye Era might be coming to an end, Bear decided it was time he stepped up to the plate!

He decided to DM the soon to be divorced stunner, and try and line up a potential date.

As you can see from the Screenshot above, Bear opened his message with Yooo. He then explained how he has been though similar break ups in the past. Next he told the KUWTK star that he’s in Dubai and has an Iphone 12 Pro (I guess its getting pretty hard for Kim to decline him at this point!). He also mentioned how he likes going for long walks with his dog. The message was ended with Bear asking Kim out for a coffee. Sadly Bear didn’t end the message with a X (this could be a deal breaker!)

As of yet, there’s no response from Kim or her Team. Personally I feel Bear would be a great addition to Keeping Up With The Kardashians! Maybe 2021 can be the year of Bear & Kim. Watch this space….

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