MARK WRIGHT Plays For Crawley Town As They Knock Leeds Out Of The FA Cup!

The magic of the FA Cup has stuck again! This time Premier League Club, Leeds Utd have been the victims!

They faced up against League 2’s Crawley Town today, and much to the surprise of everyone – Leeds lost 3-0!

As well as a very entertaining game of football, any non football fans spectating, may have spotted a very well known TV Star (and radio presenter) amongst the Crawley subs!

Ex TOWIE Star and Heart Radio presenter was subbed on in the 90th Minute, luckily the Red Devils were 3-0 up at this point and the game was already in the bag.

Mark Wright signed a contract with the Red Devils mid December after training with the League 2 Club for 2 months! Any Crawley Fans amongst us will know this isn’t the first time Mr Wright has been a Crawley player!

12 years ago Mark also signed a contract with Crawley.

Ever known a player to be more popular than his club?

Good Luck on your FA Cup journey Mark and the whole Crawley Squad!

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