Man Passes Away Hours After Being Released From Custody in Cardiff (Mohamud Mohammed Hassan)

We are only twelve days into 2021 and reports are surfacing of a 24 year old Black man who has died hours after being taken into police custody.

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Friday 8th January at 11pm. Mohamud gets arrested by Police in his Cardiff Flat. He was arrested for breach of peace but later released with no charge. Neighbours reported a ‘massive commotion’ coming from his flat.

Mohamud was detained over night in, and released from Cardiff Bay Police Station Saturday Morning. He left the station and went home. According to two neighbours, he arrived home severely injured, wearing blood covered clothes, bruised and bleeding from the mouth.

Mohamud told his family he had been tasered twice and through images they could see bite marks all over his body. He also told family that as well as a dislocated knee, he had also been kicked in his head and face.

Mohamud’s auntie has spoken to the BBC and said ‘He was released on Saturday morning with lots of wounds on his body and lots of bruises… he didnt have these wounds when he was arrested.’

Mohamud said he was too tired to get medical attention and wanted to sleep. Sadly when his friend tried to wake him a few hours later, he never woke up. His friend called an ambulance. The first on the scene was a first responder on a bike. Mohamud’s bedroom was too small to administer CPR so he was moved to the kitchen.

Two further paramedics arrived and pronounced Mohamud dead.

It is being reported that at 10:30pm approximately 10 police cars arrived at the scene and cordoned off the residence. Mohamud’s family were not allowed to see his body which was left on the kitchen floor until 6:45am.

A post mortem exam will take place on Tuesday 12th January. It has been reported that Mohamud’s family will be looking to take legal action. A fundraising page has been set up to help with funeral arrangements and legal costs.

Lee Jasper Vice-Chair of BAME Lawyers 4 Justice said “Clearly Mohamud was perfectly fine before his arrest. The critical question the family want answering is what happened to him during his arrest,  in transit to and inside Cardiff Police station. He is very severely injured on his release, so was he offered medical assistance in the police station? His death marks a grim and tragically familiar start for 2021. Black Lives will continue to matter.”

Rest In Peace Mohamud.

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