So Solid Crew producer Mr Shabz explains where influence for ‘Broken Silence’ Flutes came from…

Since Chip released his new teaser video for the song, a lot of people have been taking about So Solid Crew’s ‘Broken Silence’… either the same or a very similar sounding beat..

But let’s look back at the original. In my opinion still one of the best and realest songs to come out of the UK.

Broken Silence is a single by the UK garage act So Solid Crew. It was released on 15 September 2003, and reached number 9 in the UK Singles Chart.

The features very recognisable Flutes on the intro and throughout and for ages I thought this was a sample but couldn’t figure out where I’ve heard it before.

And then I realised the producer who produced Broken Silence, Mr Shabz actually posted about on his IG. This is what he said:

And there we go that’s it. It came from watching Bronx Tale.

So now we know the history who’s excited to see what Chip can do on the beat?! Will it come close to the original? Thursday 👀

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