Is Ghetts more involved in the ‘Chip vs Stormzy war’ than we first thought?

As we all know, around 3 months ago the who war kicked off after Chip released footage (briefly) of Stormzy and his boys pulling up at Chip’s crib. This was followed by 2 diss tracks by Chip (Flowers and Killer MC). After that the whole world started watching, but Stormzy went Ghost.

Fast forward to 15th Jan 2021. Ghetts releases a single called ‘Skengman’ which features a verse from Stormzy. Of course Stormzy’s verse contains a few indirects aimed at Chip.

Under a day later, Chip replies with ‘10 Commandments’ (released on GRM Daily and his personal channel). It’s probably worth noting that whilst most of this diss track is aimed at Stormzy, there are also a few lines aimed at someone ‘sat on the fence’ … could this be aimed at Ghetts? who upto this point seemed close to both artists….?

As soon as Chip dropped his reply the internet instantly involved Ghetts who was quick to respond. Over the last 2 days I’ve seen 2/3 Instagram lives from Ghetts. The first one was quick to shut down the rumours. Ghetts advised he is in the studio every day and is always working on his next song. He says he was in the studio approximately 5 months ago when Skengman was recorded. He has obviously heard what Stormzy said and that’s all he had to say about that.

However today’s Live was a lot more interesting. He advised he has had a lot of phone calls about the whole thing and ‘action has been taken’. It was also today when I was on a Clubhouse chat (hosted by DJ Lionees) that I discovered Ghetts has apparently unfollowed Chip on all social media.

It was in this same Clubhouse chat that I discovered another interesting fact. Before this Ghetts release, the last noticeable release from Ghetts was IC3 with Skepta. This premiered on YouTube on 7 Oct 2020….

Now go back to the start of this post. Remember I said Chip released 2 Stormzy diss tracks? Look at what date they got released below:

You guessed it… they all came online on the same date. 😂

But what does this mean? At the moment that remains unclear. We all know Ghetts has his ‘Conflict of Interest’ album dropping soon. Does the name of this album give anything away? Was Ghetts originally staying out of the Chip vs Stormzy war due to a ‘conflict of interest’?

Could this be a PR stunt to help push the album? I guess time will tell. If Ghetts has unfollowed Chip could this result in a few diss tracks from Ghetts?!

As always if any has any answers here hit me up @djlee247

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